Antibodies for Benchmark Ultra

Are you looking for an extensive ready to use antibody library for your Roche or Ventana BenchMark automated platform? UltraLine Has Your Laboratory Covered.

Biocare UltraLine is a comprehensive antibody portfolio built specifically for your Roche/Ventana BenchMark XT or BenchMark Ultra Instrument. This powerful UltraLine of antibodies is in a convenient ready-to-use format and may be utilized in combination with the Optiview or UltraView Detection Systems*. If you’re looking for an extensive menu of novel antibodies at the highest level of quality, the UltraLine is the perfect solution for you.

   Ready to Use for Roche Benchmark XT

   Ready to Use for Roche Benchmark Ultra

   Utilize OptiView or UltraView Detection

   Easy to Use Protocols Validated by Biocare

   Extensive Ready to Use Antibody Library

   Unmatched Customer Service & Support

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*User-fillable/Prep Kits required. For detection type see product data sheet for exact details.

Antibodies Exclusively Designed for Roche Benchmark XT/Ultra