MM HRP Digoxigenin System

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The MM HRP Digoxigenin System for use with mouse antibodies on mouse tissues is a detection system specifically formulated to prevent endogenous mouse IgG background staining when using a mouse primary antibody on mouse tissue. The MM HRP Digoxigenin System provides reagents to label the mouse primary antibody of interest with digoxigenin, even in the presence of other non-IgG proteins, and detect it on mouse tissue with an HRP-polymer system. With this detection system, monoclonal antibodies bound to mouse antigens in mouse tissue can be detected with high specificity and sensitivity, while significantly reducing or eliminating background. Even the most problematic tissues such as lymphatic, lung and kidney tissues are virtually background free. Additionally, the MM HRP Digoxigenin System does not require overnight incubation steps, allowing for rapid screening of multiple mouse primary antibody clones.

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6.0 ml