White Papers

Performing IHC Staining Procedures in the
Mohs Surgery Lab: Why the ‘Kit’ Approach May Not Be the Best Approach
White Paper 07/29/2021
Performing Simultaneous
Chromogenic IHC Multiplexing
White Paper 07/20/2021
Creating Sequential Chromogenic IHC Multiplexing Procedures White Paper 07/15/2021
Meet the Marker: OX40 White Paper 07/08/2021
Fixated on the Basics White Paper 06/10/2021
Classification and Cocktails: Prostate Cocktail White Paper 06/02/2021
Classification and Cocktails: Melanoma Cocktails White Paper 05/27/2021
Meeting the Mark: Desmoglein 3 + p40 + Napsin A White Paper 05/20/2021
Multiplex Immunostaining – Simultaneous Vs. Sequential White Paper 04/15/2021
Make the Most of Your Mouse-on-Mouse Staining White Paper 04/08/2021
Meeting the Mark on Multiplex: Breast Cocktail White Paper 04/01/2021
Classification & Cocktails:Atypical Ductal Hyperplasia White Paper 03/25/2021
Get in the Game with PRAME – A Versatile Marker for Many Applications White Paper 03/19/2021
New Clone on the Block: An IHC Comparative Analysis of p16 Clones BC42 and E6H4 White Paper 03/11/2021
p40 according to NordiQC – BC28 Clone Performs Optimally on Run 60 White Paper 03/04/2021
Simplifying the Process of ‘Switching’ Antibodies and Verifying the Performance of a Modified IHC Procedure White Paper 02/18/2021
2021 CMS Payment Modifications in Pathology White Paper 02/11/2021
Harnessing the Power of Folate Receptor Alpha for Anti-Cancer Therapies White Paper 02/05/2021
Differentiating Diluents: Tricks of the Trade for Diluting Antibodies White Paper 01/26/2021
The Advantages of Using Immunofluorescence (IF) to Screen Humanized Antibodies as Potential Therapeutic… White Paper 01/21/2021
Ductal or Lobular? Narrow your Diagnosis White Paper 01/12/2021
Monoclonal PAX8 Packs a Punch – Enhanced Specificity with No Cross Reactivity White Paper 01/07/2021
A Comparative Study of HIER Methods: Online vs Offline Retrieval White Paper 01/01/2020
Novel IVD Cocktail: p16 INK4a [BC42] + Ki-67 [SP6], significance in classification of high-risk HPV White Paper 11/19/2020
The synergistic relationship of enzyme and HIER – For strong, specific staining of difficult antibodies White Paper 10/27/2020
Under Attack: Macrophages and their Markers White Paper 10/19/2020
The Basic Truth: Antigen Retrieval Solutions and pH White Paper 10/13/2020
The Breakdown: Enzymes and Epitope Retrieval White Paper 10/08/2020
Breaking the Barrier: Carrier-Free Antibodies White Paper 10/06/2020
Anti-TIGIT Rabbit Monoclonal Antibody [BLR047F] – A new member of the immune checkpoint receptors family White Paper 10/06/2020
Claudins and Cancer: Promising Proteins for Detection and Diagnosis White Paper 09/08/2020
Maximize Your Research Through Multiplexing Technology White Paper 09/03/2020
A Rev-elution-ary Solution to Eliminate Cross-Reactivity! White Paper 08/27/2020
NxGeneration of Offline Antigen Retrieval Devices White Paper 08/20/2020
Human-on-Human HRP Polymer: A guide to improve the use of humanized therapeutic antibody screenings White Paper 08/14/2020
Uroplakin II – Increased Sensitivity in Urothelial Carcinoma White Paper 08/13/2020
Which Biocare Antibodies Are Right For Your Roche or Ventana Instrument? White Paper 08/06/2020
Want to Swap Avidin for Streptavidin? 4Plus Your Results When You Switch White Paper 07/06/2020
Focus on Concentrates for Flexibility in Your Laboratory White Paper 06/11/2020
Automating Your IHC Lab Key Considerations White Paper 06/16/2020
Tired of Second Rate IHC Stains in Rodent Tissue? Save Time with these Secondaries! White Paper 06/21/2020
A Practical Guide: Improve Your IHC Detection Methods for Animal Tissues White Paper 05/26/2020
CDH17 – Improved sensitivity & specificity for identification of colon and stomach adenocarcinomas White Paper 05/18/2020
A Simple Solution to Identifying Herpes Simplex 1 & 2 through Immunohistochemistry White Paper 05/12/2020
Improved Accuracy of Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer Phenotyping through Uniplex Staining Technology White Paper 04/15/2020