White Papers

Meet the Marker: HLA-DR White Paper
Meet the Marker: TRBC1 White Paper
Meet the Marker: NPM1 White Paper
Blocking Reagents: The Building Blocks for Clean Staining White Paper
Xylene and Its Alternatives White Paper
SATB2 Clones EP281 and CL0323 A Comparative Analysis by Immunohistochemistry White Paper
Meet the Marker: Glucagon White Paper
Deletion Detection with del-TECT Probes White Paper
Biocare’s UltraLine – Ready to Use Antibodies for Roche Instruments White Paper
Biocare’s Q Series – Ready to Use Antibodies for Leica Bond White Paper
Meet the Marker: PCNA White Paper
Biocare Basics: Biotin Based Detection White Paper
Biocare Basics: Deletion Mutations White Paper
Biocare Basics: Break-Apart Probes White Paper
Meet the Marker: CD137 White Paper
Biocare Basics: Avidin and Streptavidin White Paper
Meet the Marker: TIM3 White Paper
Equivalent Terms: Peroxidase Blocking in IHC White Paper
Find Your MACH™ Match:Which MACH Detection is Right for You? White Paper
Meet the Marker: Glycophorin A White Paper
Meet the Marker: LMO2 White Paper
Meet the Marker: PSAP White Paper
DAB and the Importance of Separating Waste White Paper
Antigen Retrieval Terms for IHC White Paper
Meet the Marker: CD247 White Paper
Meet the Marker: STAG1 White Paper
Troubleshooting: Tissue Processing White Paper
Troubleshooting: Coverslipping White Paper
Troubleshooting: Fixation White Paper
Microscope Slides: More Than Meets the Eye White Paper
Understanding Chromogens vs. Dyes in Immunohistochemistry White Paper
ONCORE Pro’s Dual Small Footprint Offers a Solution to the Race for Space in IHC Laboratories White Paper
An Overview of Biocare Medical’s Instruments for Immunohistochemistry and In Situ Hybridization Procedures White Paper
Buff Up on Buffers and Surfactants White Paper
Biocare Basics: Optimization White Paper
Alternatives to Lysol for Cleaning Automated Instrumentation White Paper
Breaking the Barrier: Carrier-Free Antibodies White Paper
BCA-225 – A Diagnostic Aid in the Determination of Metastatic Adenocarcinoma Origin White Paper
Biocare Basics: Tissue Placement for IHC White Paper
Biocare Basics: Validation White Paper
The Benefits of Using Tissue Microarrays (TMAs) In Your Lab White Paper
Reduction of background staining in rat tissues with Rodent Block-R™ White Paper
Meet the Marker: H3K27me3 White Paper
Performing IHC Staining Procedures in the Mohs Surgery Lab: Why the ‘Kit’ Approach May Not Be the Best Approach White Paper
Performing Simultaneous Chromogenic IHC Multiplexing Procedures White Paper
Creating Sequential Chromogenic IHC Multiplexing Procedures White Paper
Meet the Marker: OX40 White Paper
Fixated on the Basics White Paper
Classification and Cocktails: Prostate Cocktail White Paper
Classification and Cocktails: Melanoma Cocktails White Paper
Meeting the Mark: Desmoglein 3 + p40 + Napsin A White Paper
Multiplex Immunostaining – Simultaneous Vs. Sequential White Paper
Make the Most of Your Mouse-on-Mouse Staining White Paper
Meeting the Mark on Multiplex: Breast Cocktail White Paper
Classification & Cocktails:Atypical Ductal Hyperplasia White Paper
Get in the Game with PRAME – A Versatile Marker for Many Applications White Paper
New Clone on the Block: An IHC Comparative Analysis of p16 Clones BC42 and E6H4 White Paper
p40 according to NordiQC – BC28 Clone Performs Optimally on Run 60 White Paper
Simplifying the Process of ‘Switching’ Antibodies and Verifying the Performance of a Modified IHC Procedure White Paper
2021 CMS Payment Modifications in Pathology White Paper
Harnessing the Power of Folate Receptor Alpha for Anti-Cancer Therapies White Paper
Differentiating Diluents: Tricks of the Trade for Diluting Antibodies White Paper
The Advantages of Using Immunofluorescence (IF) to Screen Humanized Antibodies as Potential Therapeutic… White Paper
Ductal or Lobular? Narrow your Diagnosis White Paper
Monoclonal PAX8 Packs a Punch – Enhanced Specificity with No Cross Reactivity White Paper
A Comparative Study of HIER Methods: Online vs Offline Retrieval White Paper
Novel IVD Cocktail: p16 INK4a [BC42] + Ki-67 [SP6], significance in classification of high-risk HPV White Paper
The synergistic relationship of enzyme and HIER – For strong, specific staining of difficult antibodies White Paper
Under Attack: Macrophages and their Markers White Paper
The Basic Truth: Antigen Retrieval Solutions and pH White Paper
The Breakdown: Enzymes and Epitope Retrieval White Paper
Breaking the Barrier: Carrier-Free Antibodies White Paper
Anti-TIGIT Rabbit Monoclonal Antibody [BLR047F] – A new member of the immune checkpoint receptors family White Paper
Claudins and Cancer: Promising Proteins for Detection and Diagnosis White Paper
Maximize Your Research Through Multiplexing Technology White Paper
A Rev-elution-ary Solution to Eliminate Cross-Reactivity! White Paper
NxGeneration of Offline Antigen Retrieval Devices White Paper
Human-on-Human HRP Polymer: A guide to improve the use of humanized therapeutic antibody screenings White Paper
Uroplakin II – Increased Sensitivity in Urothelial Carcinoma White Paper
Which Biocare Antibodies Are Right For Your Roche or Ventana Instrument? White Paper
Want to Swap Avidin for Streptavidin? 4Plus Your Results When You Switch White Paper
Focus on Concentrates for Flexibility in Your Laboratory White Paper
Automating Your IHC Lab Key Considerations White Paper
Tired of Second Rate IHC Stains in Rodent Tissue? Save Time with these Secondaries! White Paper
A Practical Guide: Improve Your IHC Detection Methods for Animal Tissues White Paper
CDH17 – Improved sensitivity & specificity for identification of colon and stomach adenocarcinomas White Paper
A Simple Solution to Identifying Herpes Simplex 1 & 2 through Immunohistochemistry White Paper
Improved Accuracy of Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer Phenotyping through Uniplex Staining Technology White Paper