Pan Cytokeratin [Lu-5]

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Pan Cytokeratin [Lu-5] antibody is has been demonstrated as a useful marker for the differentiation of epithelial and mesothelial cells from mesenchymal cells in normal and tumor tissues. It has been shown to serve as a first-order pan cytokeratin antibody for both acidic (type I) and basic (type II) cytokeratin subfamilies of all vertebrates tested so far. In immunohistochemical studies, [Lu-5] stains an intracytoplasmic, formaldehyde-resistant epitope on the surface of cytokeratin filaments. [Lu-5] has been shown to be superior to [AE1/AE3].

Intended Use


Species Reactivity

Human, Mouse, Rat


Mouse Monoclonal






Pan Cytokeratin



Positive Control

Skin or adenocarcinoma

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