Automated Double-wide Slide Stainer
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Fully Open System

For Use With Double-wide Slides

Simultaneous Multiplex IHC Processing

Semi-automated, Easy to Use Platform

Data Management

Available with ARC Decloaking Chamber

Double Your Results.
The intelliPATH MAX Automated Slide Stainer is the latest addition to Biocare Medical’s expanding instrument portfolio. The system is designed for processing patient slides in anatomical pathology and histology laboratories. The intelliPATH MAX is intended for processing double-wide slides for larger tissues while delivering reliable and consistent IHC staining in such a manner that closely mimics manual staining methods. This enables easy transfer of established manual staining methods to an automated platform with minimal protocol optimization. 

The intelliPATH MAX is a fully open system with continuous random access and prioritized STAT capability, providing maximum flexibility to meet the demands of your laboratory while increasing productivity and improving turnaround time. The system’s software allows for rapid, straightforward set up of protocols and real-time updates during a run. The intelliPATH MAX can process double-wide slides at a maximum capacity of 25 slides (5 slides per slide tray) per run. The intelliPATH MAX is an open platform for clinical and research markets. Biocare antibodies and detection systems are available for added convenience and efficiency.

Hardware Upgrades

Reengineered Syringe Pump

Carboy Sensor Upgrade

Slide Tray Upgrade

Chasis Color Change

Tubing advancements

Software Enhancements

Multi-Language Support

Scalable User Interface

Optimized Scheduler

Improved Workflows

Level Sensor upgrade

MAX imize Your Potential.

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Double-wide Slides

Reproducible Results Across The Entire Slide Area


intellipath MAX specifications

Slide capacity

25 Double-wide slides

Independent slide trays

5 slide trays, 5 slide positions per tray

Slide specifications

Width: 49.5 – 51.0 mm, Length: 76.5 mm (maximum), Depth: 1.3 mm (maximum)

Reagent vial capacity

48 (20 mL vials)

Cold spot capacity

2 (6 mL vials)

Cold spot temperature range

2-8°C / 35-46°F

Mixing vial capacity

18 (6 mL vials)

Reagent dispensing range

Delivers 600uL-1200uL

Multi-dispensing range

20 mL

Buffer inlets


Waste separation

Separated hazardous and non-hazardous


Compatible with LIS2-A2 (ASTM) and HL7 messaging standards

Computer arm

Optional, attaches to the left or right side of the instrument

Electrical requirements

900W; 115V/230V; 50/60 Hz

Instrument Dimensions (W x H x D)

40” X 24” X 25” / 102 cm X 61 cm X 64 cm (excludes optional computer arm)

Instrument Weight

145 lbs / 66 kg (excl. optional computer arm)