MACH 3 is a two-step, biotin-free detection system which provides excellent specificity, sensitivity and nuclear staining for mouse or rabbit primary antibodies. Biocare offers MACH 3 Detection Kits for either mouse or rabbit primary antibodies, labeled with either Horseradish Peroxidase (HRP) or Alkaline Phosphatase (AP).

MACH 3 Features

  • A sensitivity-enhancing secondary reagent
  • Increased density of enzymes bound to tertiary target
  • 5- to 10- fold increased staining sensitivity when compared to conventional dextran polymer detection kits
  • Superior staining for nuclear and cytoplasmic/cell surface antigens
  • Elimination of background
  • High primary antibody dilution significantly improves specificity and reduces cost
  • Adapted for all Biocare’s prediluted antibodies
  • Compatible with automated immunostainers
  • MACH 3’s superior sensitivity allows clean and strong staining, even at higher primary antibody dilution factors.
Compare MACH 3 (left) with leading competitor (right) for Ki-67
MACH 3, 1:200 dilution

MACH 3, 1:200 dilution

Competitor: Dextran backbone polymer, 1:200 dilution

Competitor: Dextran backbone polymer, 1:200 dilution

Ordering Information

MACH 3 Mouse HRP-Polymer Detection

$171.00$1,327.00Select options

MACH 3 Mouse AP-Polymer Detection

$215.00$1,518.00Select options

MACH 3 Rabbit HRP Polymer Detection

$172.00$1,338.00Select options

MACH 3 Rabbit AP-Polymer Detection

$554.00$1,518.00Select options