Mounting Media

Mounting Media


EcoMount is a low hazard, non-toxic, non-flammable, and environmentally friendly mounting medium. This polymer-based mounting medium does not contain hazardous reagents such as xylene, toluene or benzene. EcoMount is designed for the permanent preservation of HRP, AP and Qdot immunofluorescent techniques. EcoMount allows for the long-term storage of slides with organic solvent-soluble chromogens such as Vulcan Fast Red and Ferangi Blue chromogens. It can also be used for DAB and other non-soluble chromogens. EcoMount dries quickly and retains excellent refractivity. EcoMount is compatible for use on automatic coverslipping machines.

Fluorescent Mounting Media

Fluoro Care™ Anti-Fade Mountant is especially designed for long-term preservation of fluorescent specimens. The secondary antibody diluent provides exceptional stability for Biocare DyLight fluorescent dyes for up to one month.

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