Hematoxylin & Eosin

CAT Hematoxylin

This formulation provides incredible nuclear detail in routine H&E and immunoperoxidase procedures, as well as for some special stains. This hematoxylin requires virtually no filtering and produces minimum scum due to oxidation. It has been specially formulated to eliminate the necessity for differentiation, and staining time is 30 seconds to 5 minutes, depending upon the type of procedure it is used for. The addition of acetic acid to CAT Hematoxylin’s preparation is believed to increase the selectivity of the stain. The formula has also been designed to slow down the oxidation process, thus stabilizing the hematoxylin. There is no mercury used in the preparation of this product; glycerol has been added as a stabilizer to help prevent over-oxidation and rapid evaporation. (Modified Lillie-Mayer’s).

Eosin Y

This modified alcoholic Eosin Y includes the addition of stabilizers for a prolonged shelf life. It is intended for use in the histologic demonstration of cytoplasm. Erythrocytes, collagen and the cytoplasm of muscle or epithelial cells should stain with three different intensities of pink.


This is a specially formulated alcoholic Eosin Y/Phloxine B counterstain. This Eosin-Phloxine has been modified with the addition of stabilizers to prolong shelf life. Staining intensity is more subtle than other Eosin Y/Phloxine B formulations, however, the pink shades are more vivid and alcoholic hyaline is also stained.

Tacha’s Bluing Solution

A highly stable bluing solution, which is designed for bluing hematoxylin stained nuclei. This solution can be used for both paraffin and frozen sections. It is non-toxic and odorless, available in ready-to-use or concentrate.

Tacha’s Automated Hematoxylin

A water-based hematoxylin, specially formulated for automated IHC. This hematoxylin can be used on FFPE or frozen tissue when using sections. Nuclei stain a sky blue, providing high contrast staining for DAB, AEC, Bajoran Purple and Fast Red chromogens.

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