Biocare Medical is proud to announce the launch of RISH™

A new, innovative, chromogenic ISH technology: reducing protocol length from two days to approximately 2.5 hours. In a simplified protocol we have removed the need for RNase free solutions & labware, the overnight hybridization and harsh stringent wash conditions. The proprietary DNA probe technology ensures high specificity and accuracy for the target. The result is […]

Biocare Basics: Oncogenes

An oncogene is a mutated gene that has the potential to cause cancer as a result of the mutation. Oncogenes start as proto-oncogenes, a term for normal, unmutated genes that help regulate normal cell growth, division, proliferation, and programmed cell death. Because cancer is a disease characterized by abnormal, unchecked cell growth, mutations in any […]

Biocare Basics: The Advantages of Rabbit Monoclonal Antibodies

Monoclonal antibodies are known to offer certain advantages over polyclonal antibodies. However, within the realm of monoclonal antibodies, there is a further division between mouse monoclonals and rabbit monoclonals. Rabbit monoclonal antibodies offer several advantages over mouse monoclonal antibodies, making them a popular choice where available.

Melanoma Markers: MART-1 / Melan A vs HMB45

Melanomas are a heterogeneous group of tumors (neoplasms) that develop in the melanocytes, the pigment-producing cells in the skin. Accurate diagnosis of these disease states is essential for proper management and prognosis, and immunohistochemistry (IHC) has been a longstanding tool for this purpose. MART-1/MelanA and HMB45 are two commonly used IHC markers for melanoma, though […]

Sectioning: A Deeper Look

Due to the diversity of tissue and media in histopathology, there is significant variability in techniques for sample preparation and no single answer for best practices. However, some key contributing factors can be identified and should be carefully considered. One often overlooked factor is sectioning thickness and how it may impact overall staining performance.

Biocare Medical Acquires Empire Genomics

November 22, 2022 – Biocare Medical, a leading provider of innovative, automated immunohistochemistry (IHC) and FISH (Fluorescent in situ hybridization) instrumentation and reagents, announces the acquisition of Empire Genomics, a market leader in molecular biomarkers to aid in cancer research and diagnostics.  Empire Genomics is a premier designer, manufacturer and distributor of a comprehensive menu of […]

Blocking Reagents: The Building Blocks for Clean Staining

To obtain the most specific detection of antigens by IHC, it is essential for all non-specific binding sites be blocked. Antibodies and detection systems used in IHC are mostly protein-based reagents, and so they are susceptible to non-specific protein binding. If these sites are left unblocked, the antibodies and detection system may bind them, leading […]

Online Ordering – Shipping Changes

Due to the rapid rise in shipping and transportation costs, we will no longer be able to offer flat rate shipping for orders placed online. All orders including those placed online will now be invoiced at the actual shipping cost plus handling. You will still have the option to select either standard overnight or two-day […]

Biocare’s UltraLine – Ready to Use Antibodies for Roche Instruments

While every vendor strives to provide their customers with a product catalog that is as comprehensive as possible, the nature of IHC makes it impossible for everything to be offered by a single vendor. Therefore, instrument vendors allow customers to purchase empty reagent containers to program and load custom third-party reagents onto their instruments. For […]

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