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intelliPATH™ 904-002-021914 Download
IQ Kinetic Slide Stainer™ 904-007-033111 Download
Decloaking Chamber™ 2002 081007 Download
Desert Chamber™ Pro 904-009-040711 Download
SPOT-Light® HER2 CISH Kit Instructions PI840150B Rev. 0608 Download
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2013 Catalog Supplement (4.5mb) CAT13 Download
2012 Catalog Supplement (12mb) CAT12 Download
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Animal IHC RSCH100 Download
Biocare Clones BCCLO100 Download
Carboy Cart IPS-CARBOY-CART-100 Download
Chromogens CHRO103 Download
Decloaking Chamber™ NxGen DC12101 Download
Desmoglein 3 + CK5 DSG3+CK5100 Download
Folate Receptor alpha FR100 Download
Fluorescent FLUOR101 Download
intelliPATH FLX IPFLX104 Download
IQ Kinetic Slide Stainer (1000, 2000, 3000) IQ101 Download
intelliPATH Station IPS-CARBOY-CART-100 Download
MACH Detection MACH100 Download
Prion IHC Assay Kit PRION100 Download
PromARK™ PRO101 Download
PromARK™ Farma FARMA100 Download
Prostate PROS100 Download
p40 Antibody p40102 Download
RISH™ RISH103 Download
Rabbit Monoclonals RAB100 Download
Supernova SUP100 Download
SOX10 SOX100 Download
Abstracts Download
A Comparison of a Newly Developed Mouse Monoclonal p40 vs. p63 in Basal Cells of Benign Prostate Glands, Prostatic Intraepithelial Neoplasia and Prostate Cancer Download
An Immunohistochemical Analysis of p40 Mouse Monoclonal [BC28] in Lung, Skin, Head and Neck, Esophageal, Cervix, Bladder, Breast, Cervical, Prostate, Renal Cell and Colon Cancers Download
Uroplakin II (UPII), GATA-3, and p40 are Highly Specific Markers for the Differential Diagnosis of Urothelial Carcinoma of the Bladder Download
A Novel Rabbit Monoclonal Antibody against Arginase-1 is a more Sensitive Marker than Rabbit Polyclonal Arginase-1 Antibody in Hepatocellular Carcinomas Download
A New Rabbit Monoclonal E-cadherin Antibody [EP700Y] Shows Higher Sensitivity than Mouse Monoclonal E-cadherin [HECD-1] Antibody in Infiltrating Ductal Carcinomas Download
Folate Receptor alpha is Frequently Expressed in Triple Negative Breast Cancers Download
A Newly Developed Anti-Uroplakin II Monoclonal Antibody with Increased Sensitivity in Urothelial Carcinoma of the Bladder Download
Tissue-Preserving Antibody Cocktails to Differentiate Primary Squamous Cell Carcinoma, Adenocarcinoma, and Small Cell Carcinoma of Lung Download
An Alcian Blue/PAS combined with TTF-1 and Napsin A Staining Procedure Download
Folate Receptor Alpha Expression in Lung and Ovarian Cancers by IHC Using a High Affinity Folate Receptor Alpha Antibody [26B3.F2] Download
Simultaneous Staining of Feulgen with Ki-67 and Phosphohistone H3 Antibodies Download
A New and Highly Sensitive Uroplakin III Monoclonal Antibody [BC17]: An Immunohistochemical Comparison Study with Clone [AU1] Download
PAX8 Mouse Monoclonal Antibody [BC12] Recognizes a Restricted Epitope and is Highly Sensitive in Renal Cell and Ovarian Cancers, but does not Cross-React with B-cells and Tumors of Pancreatic Origin Download
PSA and NKX3.1: A Comparative IHC Study of Sensitivity and Specificity in Prostate Cancer Download
GATA3, p63 and S100P: An IHC Comparison Analysis in Bladder Cancer Download
Newly Developed Immunohistochemical Detection Polymer Permits Rapid Multiplex IHC™ Stains on Canine, Feline, Bovine, Equine, Ovine & Porcine Tissues Download
Evaluation of TMPRSS2-ERG Fusion Protein in Prostate Cancer Pathogenesis Across Continents Download
TTF-1, Napsin A, p63, TRIM29, Desmoglein-3 and CK5: An Evaluation of Sensitivity and Specificity and Correlation of Tumor Grade for Lung Adenocarcinoma versus Squamous Cell Carcinoma. Download
ALDH1A1 as a Marker of Stem Cells in Prostate Cancer: Correlation with Gleason Scores & Tumor Stage and Relevance for Patient Outcome. Download
A Rapid Double Immunostaining Technique with a Single Combination of CK5, CK14, p63, CK7 and CK18 Distinguishes
Between Hyperplasia of the Usual Type, Atypical Hyperplasia, Microinvasive and Basal Phenotype Breast Cancers
Distinguishing Adenocarcinoma from Squamous Cell Carcinoma in the Lung Using Multiplex IHC Stains:
p63 + CK5 and TTF-1 + Napsin A
Expression of PAX8 in Normal and Neoplastic Tissues:
A Comprehensive Immunohistochemical Study
A Multi-Method Analysis of c-erbB2/HER2 in FFPE Tissue:
Comparison of a Novel Rapid in situ Hybridization Procedure (RISH™), HER2 CISH and IHC