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ONCORE Pro X Research Slide Stainer

Unlock your research potential

The ONCORE PRO X is a fully open slide staining system that simplifies and automates staining procedures used in Immunohistochemistry (IHC), Fluorescence In Situ Hybridization (FISH) and In Situ Hybridization (ISH). Biocare Medical offers advanced ready-to-use reagents for the research slide stainer. Alternatively, you can use third-party probes for your laboratory research.

ONCORE Pro X research slide stainer

Ultimate Flexibility Meets Advanced Productivity

  • Open, Flexible Platform for Research & Development
  • Automate Third-party Antibodies & Research Probes
  • Pre-optimized Human & Animal Detection for Research
  • Run Independent Protocols in Each Slide Position
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Automated Slide Stainer for Research

The fully open slide stainer provides flexibility and precision, allowing researchers to optimize the staining process for more accurate and detailed results. ONCORE Pro X processes 1 to 36 microscope slides in each staining run and allows each slide to operate at different protocols, resulting in a high throughput. The instrument also enables customization of agitation frequency, incubation time and temperatures, which is ideal for maximizing staining intensity.

Using the ONCORE Pro X slide stainer for research takes away time-consuming hands-on intervention, enhancing workflows and improving efficiency.


The ONCORE Pro X open slide stainer delivers full automation for completing IHC, FISH and ISH in a single platform. This incredibly flexible tool is fundamentally designed to be fully open in every aspect while allowing complete automation. From independent protocols to the reagents used, the slide stainer enables you to adjust and control various components and tailor the procedure to your specific research needs.


ONCORE Pro X comes with advanced, easy-to-use software that implements customized protocols and programming for each slide. The software also provides intuitive programming routines, reagent and slide loading maps, and a run-time display. With our advanced software, you can better manage the instrument, reagents, slides and protocols.


The research slide stainer comes with one reagent rack that holds a maximum of 40 vials. The vials facilitate the efficient use of antibodies and probes. They allow for minimal reagent use and reduced waste generation, helping you save on reagent supply and disposal costs.


The ONCORE Pro X research slide stainer offers a simple user interface for generating and printing 2D barcode labels for the slides. Equipped with an onboard barcode reader, the instrument scans and identifies slides and automatically tracks their movement throughout the laboratory. In addition, the barcode labels are chemical-resistant, meaning they can withstand reagents and can be applied prior to the staining procedure.

Unlock Your Research Potential 
ONCORE Pro X widens your research laboratory’s possibilities by performing IHC and ISH
(both FISH and CISH) in one benchtop platform.

Biocare Medical is a leading developer and supplier of high-performing open slide stainers. The ONCORE PRO X is specifically designed to meet all your research needs. Fill out the form below for more information on the ONCORE Pro X slide staining system. 

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