Unlock your research potential

The ONCOREPRO X Automated Open Slide Staining System now performs fully automated ISH so you can run your FISH probes and CISH probes with full automation and the convenience of a compact bench-top system.

Ultimate Flexibility Meets Advanced Productivity

  • Open, Flexible Platform for Research & Development
  • Automate Third-party Antibodies & Research Probes
  • Pre-optimized Human & Animal Detection for Research
  • Run Independent Protocols in Each Slide Position

ONCORE Pro X processes 36 slides in a single run and has the ability to perform independent protocols at each slide position for high-throughput slide processing. Each slide has a unique reaction module, which encloses slides between a heated platform and a novel reagent containment chamber. Reagents are dispensed onto slides through a port attached to each chamber, allowing for minimal reagent usage and waste production. These unique chambers provide gentle agitation to enhance incubation throughout the staining procedure, maximizing staining intensity while minimizing background.

Unlock Your Research Potential 
ONCORE Pro X expands the possibilities of your research laboratory with the capability to perform IHC and ISH
(both FISH and CISH) in a single benchtop platform.

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