Meet The Team

Meet The Biocare Team

Just a few of the great people that make Biocare Medical a great company to be apart of!

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Evan Langlois

Shipping and Receiving Supervisor

I was hired April 22, 2019, as a Distribution and Logistics Associate and I am now the Shipping & Associate Supervisor and I also handle our Instrument Logistics.

For a lot of people, a job is simply a job, but that’s not the case for me, I have a lot of pride in what I do here at Biocare. In the morning I look forward to coming in. I think someone might be surprised at how much purpose and pride they would feel when working at Biocare. 

Biocare offers opportunities for growth as well as their interest in really investing in their employees, more so than any other company I’ve worked for. I had been searching for a company that invested as much in me as I did in my work, and I’ve finally found it.

I truly enjoy working with my team and the general company camaraderie. We’re all here with the same goals in mind no matter the department, to fight cancer one slide at a time!

Lucy Cordero

Account Executive Reagents

I learned about Biocare through a friend who worked here.  She shared it was a wonderful company to work for, and she wasn’t kidding! The location was close to home and the mission was one I could fully stand behind.

I have held many roles here at Biocare since I started back on November 8, 2001!  I started as the Admin. Assistant to the CFO, I was part of the Accounting Team, HR, taking orders over the phones, and I was also cross trained in manufacturing and shipping.

We are a small company, but we are competing with much bigger companies and taking market share day by day. They have thousands of employees and we do wonders with less than 200 amazing employees.  We are small but mighty and we stand behind our motto, we are passionate about fighting cancer one slide at a time.

My favorite part of working for Biocare is the amazing people I get to work with, the customers that become friends, and some even feel like family.  The kindness that you feel from all the departments and the support you receive. I have grown up at Biocare, and 100% believe in its mission and feel that I am helping that mission every single day.

Tracy LaMacchia

Director, Customer Service & Distribution

I have been with Biocare since 2003, at the time it was just a job, but as time has gone on this has become my career. At Biocare, we are all trying to make a difference when it comes to helping patients fight cancer. It is amazing what Biocare is set out to do and continues to do every day. As well as the support we provide to all our customers, internally and externally.

At Biocare, the leadership teams invest in each employee and want to see them all be successful and continue to grow with this company.

I would have to say that my favorite part about working at Biocare overall is the constant support from the leadership team. It makes me proud to work for Biocare because they continue to support me when it comes to reaching my career goals.

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