Blocking Reagents

Peroxidazed 1

A potent blocker for endogenous peroxidase, optimized for use with paraffin-embedded sections. The product is highly stable and superior to 3% hydrogen peroxide in water and methanol. This product can be stored at room temperature or refrigerated. The specially formulated diluent used makes the blocker compatible for both paraffin and frozen sections.


A non-hydrogen peroxide-based formula that is safe and extremely gentle on tissues and cells. This novel formula is highly effective in quenching endogenous peroxidase. It is extremely effective if used after antigen retrieval methods in paraffin-embedded, formalin-fixed tissues, or can be safely used for frozen sections.

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Background Eraser

A blue color-coded PBS Solution of goat serum and Tween 20. It is designed to block nonspecific background staining in IHC procedures and is formulated to work in five minutes.

Background Punisher

Casein has proven to be a superior blocking reagent as compared to serum proteins. Background Punisher is specifically formulated for superior pH stability and is sodium azide and thimerosal free. It can also be used with a semi-automated or manual staining protocol.

Background Sniper (Universal)

A blue color-coded universal blocking reagent for IHC procedures. It has been formulated with recombinant blocking proteins and is serum free. It can be used with any detection system and on both human and animal tissues and for cell culture techniques.

Background Terminator

A goat serum with surfactant blocker that is used when excessive background problems exist. Designed for use with MACH 2 detection, not suitable for two-step detections such as MACH 3, MACH 4, PromARK™ or intelliPATH™ detection.


V-Blocker is a universal blocking reagent used for reducing nonspecific background staining often observed with immunohistochemistry on an automated staining system. This formulation has been proven to be the most effective blocking reagent for automated IHC systems. It can be used in the conventional manner by applying before the primary antibody; however, using V-Blocker after the primary antibody and before detection has shown to be much more effective, especially when using double stain or multiplex applications.

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BE965 H

Avidin-Biotin Kit

The Avidin and Biotin solutions are color-coded with a pH indicator. In most cases, endogenous biotin in tissue sections is masked by formalin fixation. However, if avidin-biotin IHC detection systems are used with frozen sections or tissues pretreated with a heat-induced, epitope retrieval method (HIER), an avidin-biotin blocking technique may be needed. It can also be used on an automated staining system.

Mouse Detective

Mouse Detective is an immunohistochemical reagent designed for blocking endogenous mouse IgG in mouse tissues and red blood cells. After the application of mouse detective, a mouse monoclonal antibody can be applied followed by a biotinylated mouse link and Streptavidin label used for detection of mouse on mouse. It can also be used on an automated staining system.

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