Automated Slide stainers and IHC instrumentation

Biocare Medical designs and produces innovative IHC instrumentation that increases efficiency, reduces processing time, labor costs with clear and concise staining for immunohistochemistry. These instruments include our fully-automated IHC stainer and semi-automated IHC staining equipment.


VALENT is the first fully automated immunohistochemistry stainer with an open platform. It merges high-throughput and efficient staining with an intuitive user interface. This novel, fully automated, open platform allows users to work with reagents from different sources.

With its 48-slide, multiplex IHC capability, automation, and open platform, VALENT exceeds the requirements of pharmaceutical, clinical and research laboratories. VALENT overcomes the 30-slide limit with parallel processing of 48 slides at the same time. This 48 slide capacity allows VALENT to process 144 slides in one shift with little user interaction.

The open system also makes VALENT highly efficient and flexible. For convenience, Biocare Medical provides a complete range of premium, ready-to-use reagents optimized for high performance on VALENT. The open design allows the application of antibodies, detections, enzyme pre-treatments, and chromogens from any source. Maximize your efficiency and meet all of the laboratory needs with the power of VALENT for immunohistochemistry.


Using a suite of advanced technologies for increased productivity and turnaround time, the intelliPATH FLX® is the intelligent choice for anatomic pathology and research laboratories.

It is a fully open system with continuous random access and prioritized STAT capability, delivering maximum flexibility to meet the needs of your laboratory. A suite of high performance technologies includes simultaneous Multiplex IHC capability, “no touch” liquid level sensing, and simultaneous X and Y movement to help provide the most rapid turnaround time and sheer volume of IHC results available.

Whether your workflow involves running large slide batches, discrete small batches, or a combination of batch and STAT slides, the intelliPATH FLX® delivers the right solution with an innovative slide staining system, optimized reagents, and award-winning technical support for a variety of applications.

IQ Slide Stainer

The IQ Kinetic Slide Stainer provides reliability and flexibility that clinical and research lab operators need. The IQ stainer is the perfect bridge between manual staining by hand and a semi- or fully-automated IHC platform. The open staining platform can be used for immunohistochemistry, immunofluorescence, in situ hybridization or special stains.

One of the most innovative features is its tilt-action rack. This specially shaped rack allows users to avoid handling each slide individually, and it prevents cross-contamination.

The Orbital Shaker provides smooth agitation action for the reagents on the slides. The temperature may be raised to 95 degrees with a programmable HOT BAR. With a combination of agitation and heat, the tissues are intensely stained while increasing enzymatic reactions.

The IQ Kinetic Slide Stainer has been optimized and validated for the RISH procedure, and it can handle a throughput of 12, 24 or 36 slides depending on your laboratory volume requirements.

Decloaking Chamber

The Decloaking Chamber NxGen was created for consistent, accurate heat-induced epitope retrieval (HIER). This instrument has five temperature settings from 60 to 110 degrees.

The user can program the times it will take for the retrieval protocol to move from one discrete temperature to the next. The entire range can be completed within one hour. The Decloaking Chamber NxGen offers a fully automated operation that can handle up to 72 slides at a time and only requires a few minutes of operation per run.

This machine also has a port for transferring data. The run data can be retrieved with a USB drive and exported to a computer. The data retrieved includes the time per run and pressure and temperature readings. The data for the previous run is also stored so that a quick start of the previous run is available.

Desert Chamber Pro

Desert Chamber Pro is an efficient oven for quickly drying slides. This oven is better than conventional slide drying ovens because it has:

  • A digital timer and temperature process control
  • A 365-watt element and a turbofan
  • A slide capacity of 750

The digital temperature controller changes the operation of the oven to suit the volume of slides placed into it and keeps the internal temperature constant. With the programmable temperature control, the turbo drying oven provides superior performance when drying slides in bulk. Fast-drying methods are particularly useful for IHC, in situ hybridization and special stains.

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