CDH17 – Improved sensitivity & specifi city for identifi cation of colon and stomach adenocarcinomas

Studies have shown CDH17 to be a highly specific IHC marker for colon and
stomach adenocarcinomas with improved sensitivity
when compared to CK20 & CDX2.

Metastatic carcinoma can present diagnostic challenges within the clinical pathology setting1. Historically, a panel consisting of CK7, CK20,
and CDX2 has been relied upon to assess gastrointestinal (GI) tumors of unknown primary2. CDX2, a homeobox gene that encodes an intestinespecific transcription factor, has been shown to express in the nuclei of epithelial cells throughout the GI tract3. Cadherin 17 (CDH17), also
referred to as liver-intestine cadherin, is a novel oncogene expressed in intestinal epithelium that has been found to be associated with tumor
invasion and metastasis4,5.

Recent studies have shown CDH17 to be a highly specific IHC marker for colon and stomach adenocarcinomas with improved sensitivity when
compared to CK20 and CDX23. This was found to be especially true in carcinomas where CK7, CDX2 and CK20 where negatively expressed.

A mouse monoclonal CDH17 has been developed as a Class I IVD tool to aid in interpreting GI tumors, especially in cases of unknown primary
origin. In addition, recent data suggests that the combination of CDX2 and CDH17 along with CK7 has been shown to be highly sensitive and
specific for the identification of colorectal and stomach adenocarcinomas in routine IHC3.

CDH17 Staining Specificity Compared Across Multiple Carcinomas 6

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