Breaking the Barrier: Carrier-Free Antibodies

Breaking the Barrier: Carrier-Free Antibodies

Commercially available antibodies are routinely supplied in a phosphate buffered saline (PBS) solution with several carriers, such as bovine
serum albumin (BSA), sodium azide, and glycerol. These additives are essential for preventing antibody contamination, preserving the antibody,
and maintaining stability. For many laboratory techniques (immunohistochemistry, ELISA, Western Blot), these stabilizers do not interfere with
immunodetection. However, some of these components may hinder conjugation to fluorophores, metals, and enzymes.

While BSA acts as a protein-stabilizing agent, it can reduce conjugation efficiency by competing with the primary antibody to bind to the label
of interest. Sodium azide functions as a preservative but can be toxic to cells and interfere with conjugation. Therefore, in order to use these
antibodies in bioconjugation techniques, some or all of these additives need to be removed from the antibody solution.

As fluorescent multiplexing and advanced mass cytometry have become increasing valuable in areas such as cancer research, translational
research, and drug discovery, the need for carrier- free antibodies has risen. Biocare Medical now offers a comprehensive portfolio of high-quality
antibodies that are:

• BSA-free, Sodium azide-free or Glycerol-free; Customize to Your Specifications
• Ready for Conjugation to Fluorochromes or Metals
• Choose Your Concentration or our Standard of 1 mg/ml
• Purified IgG
• Available as RUO or IVD labeled antibodies based on your needs
• Validated in Relevant Applications Such as IHC

Top Selling Biocare Antibodies Available in Carrier-Free format*

Top Selling Biocare Antibodies Available in Carrier-Free format chart

Biocare’s carrier-free antibodies are ideal tools when developing multiplex assays where conjugated antibodies are needed. These technologies
include cyclic immunofluorescence, multiplex IHC assays, and flow cytometry.

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