Pan Melanoma + Ki-67

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Pan Melanoma Antibody + Ki-67 serves as a tool to identify the proliferation rate of melanocytic lesions in cases in which melanocytes are sparse; there are dense lymphocytic infiltrates; and melanocytes are admixed with fibroblasts. In general, a higher proliferative fraction is seen in melanoma than in melanocytic nevi. There are many types of nevi, and some simulate melanoma closely. If the Multiplex stain shows a very low Ki-67 (DAB) labeling rate in MART-1/Tyrosinase positive cells (Fast Red), this favors benignity. A high rate, especially toward the deep part of a melanocytic lesion raises the possibility of malignancy.

Intended Use


Species Reactivity



Mouse Monoclonal, Rabbit Monoclonal


M2-7C10 + M2-9E3 + T3-11 + SP6


IgG2a + IgG2b/kappa + IgG2b/kappa + IgG


Melanoma / Ki-67


MART-1 + Tyrosinase: (Cytoplasmic) Red Ki-67: (Nuclear) Brown

Positive Control


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