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Job Purpose:
The Protein Chemistry Associate will be responsible for material processing, reagent formulation, technical manufacturing, and in-process and final quality control of reagents for use as components of in-vitro diagnostic (IVD) products. Specifically, he/she will be involved in the area of bioconjugation, protein purification, and analytical characterization of complex bioconjugates as they relate to the development of tissue diagnostic products for cancer and infectious disease.


Essential Duties and Responsibilities:
Assists in the purification and bioconjugation of antibodies utilizing chromatography processes (including affinity, IEX, HIC, etc.) and filtration processes (including UF/DF and sterile filtration).
Operates chromatographic systems (GE AKTA, and other Unicorn based equipment).
Operates centrifugation equipment.
Participates in developing and carrying out experimental protocols.
Is able to function in a timeline-driven, dynamic environment, and rapidly adapt to new techniques and protocols.
Observes and complies with all safety standards and procedures.

Must possess excellent laboratory technique and have hands-on experience with current protein purification and characterization procedures. Protein bioconjugation/labeling experience is preferred.
Experience in a variety of state-of-the-art analytical techniques including ELISA, HPLC, FPLC, affinity purification, gel filtration, ion exchange chromatography, SDS-PAGE, etc.
Familiarity with cGMP procedures and protocols, including writing SOP’s and producing batch records and/or previous experience in IVD/Device/Pharmaceutical and/or a regulated FDA.
A strong work ethic and attention to detail.
Demonstrated good planning and time management skills.
Proficiency with Microsoft Office applications.
Proficiency in writing and communicating in English is required.

Experience, Education and Certifications:
BS /MS in biology, protein chemistry, biochemistry, biophysics , molecular biology or related field with 2-5 years of biotechnology industry experience.

Job Purpose:
Supervision and facilitation of all necessary tasks pertaining to delivery of CAP/CLIA and GLP-like oriented lab services offered to BioPharma partners. Performance of all routine Histology, special stains IHC and ISH testing to CAP/CLIA standards.

Department:CAP/CLIA Lab Services

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:
Participate in discussions to establish scope of work / timeline / cost for proposed projects.
Perform development / testing / sourcing as required, for individual projects.
Liaise with Biocare R&D teams as required, to fulfill customer project requirements.
Complete and update documentation to meet customer expectations.
Prepare and present project status updates to management team and sponsor(s).
Compile and maintain all necessary documentation to ensure compliance with CAP/CLIA accreditation requirements.
Design and execute validation protocols and compile all necessary documentation.
Perform all histology, special stains, IHC and ISH testing.
Perform whole slide image capture and quantitative analysis according to project requirements.
Maintain inventory levels for required reagents and materials
Ensure maintenance of all equipment is completed and documented to required standards / service intervals.
Prepares laboratory solutions/reagents, including lot to lot validation analyses.
Participate in CAP/CLIA audits, providing subject matter expertise for Histology and IHC.
Participate in departmental and CAP/CLIA lab meetings acting as Histology subject matter expert.
Identify and participate in relevant CAP Proficiency Testing.
Maintain HT/HTL status by attending relevant training courses.

Extensive knowledge, experience and expertise in routine histology, special stain, IHC and ISH procedures.
Clear understanding of standards and requirements of a CAP/CLIA accredited lab and experience in maintaining those standards.
Possesses effective verbal, written, and interpersonal communication skills.
Highly organized and detail-oriented.
Ability to interact with all levels of the organization.

Experience, Education and Certifications:
Extensive, demonstrated experience in Histology, IHC and in-situ hybridization.
Ability to operate typical automated and semi-automated staining instruments found in typical Histology/IHC laboratories.
Demonstrated ability to review and accurately assess qualitative aspects of IHC staining.
Expertise in developing and optimizing new IHC and ISH assays
Able to troubleshoot staining issues involved with histology and IHC.
5-7 years’ experience of working in Histology/IHC, hospital or commercial settings. Knowledge and experience of automated whole slide image capture and analysis preferred
Bachelor’s degree in a relevant biological science plus HT (ASCP) qualification. Masters, HTL (ASCP) and QIHC preferred.
Proficiency with Microsoft Excel and Word

Job Purpose:
Responsible for planning, generating & executing test cases for software releases for Biocare Medical’s instrumentation projects. Additional responsibilities include co-ordinating with support groups (Technical Support & Field Service) to troubleshoot instrumentation problems in the field.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:
Requirement analysis.
Create or assist in creating test plans
Generate test cases based on the requirements and related documents
Set up the required test beds (hardware, software & network)
Test software releases by executing assigned tests (manual and/or automated)
Report defects in a defect database
Report test results to the stakeholders
Update test cases based on the discovered defects
Create or assist in assigned test automation
Update test automation based on the updated test cases
Support the team with testing and troubleshooting tasks as required
Operate testing protocols and write software test plans and programs.
To work with the Applications and Field Service teams on software-related customer issues

Communicates clearly both in writing and verbally.
Ability to work well in teams.
Basic computer skills required.
Familiarity of SDLC and theoretical principles of software testing.
Basic programming skills to help with test automation & basic troubleshooting.
Ability to work in a high-pressured deadline oriented environment.
Attention to detail and good organizational skills
Familiarity of GMP, FDA and ISO regulations.
Ability to perform repetitive tasks for long period of time.

Experience, Education and Certifications:
Bachelor’s Degree
Specialized training/Certification in software testing is a plus
More than 1 year of Software testing experience is desired.
Programming skills in C# and familiarity with Visual Studio (2010 or later edition) is desired.