Melanoma Cocktail

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Melanoma antibody Cocktail is a combination of HMB45 and MART-1. HMB45 has been shown to react with cutaneous melanocytes, prenatal and infantile retinal pigment epithelium and melanoma cells, labeling the majority of melanomas. MART-1 has been shown to label melanomas and tumors showing melanocytic differentiation. Studies have also shown that MART-1 is more sensitive than HMB-45 when labeling metastatic melanomas. HMB45 and MART-1 are coexpressed in the majority of melanomas, as well as solely expressed in certain cases. Thus, a HMB45 and MART-1 cocktail has been reported to be a potentially sensitive first-order pan melanoma screener.

Intended Use


Species Reactivity



Mouse Monoclonal


HMB45 + M2-7C10 + M2-9E3


IgG2b + IgG2b


HMB45 and MART-1



Positive Control

Metastatic melanoma in lymph node

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