Breast Antibodies


Mortality rates from breast cancer have steadily decreased in women since 1989 which has been attributed to progress made in early detection and improved treatment. The discovery and application of new and novel antibodies to aid pathologist’s in detection, classification, and prognosis of breast cancer continues to advance with p120 + E-cadherin, CK5/14 + p63 + CK7/18 and Folate Receptor alpha. Biocare Medical is an innovator in breast focused IHC by offering a full menu of primary antibodies, antibody cocktails, and our newly released line of Supernova antibodies which allow for tailor made cocktails in your own lab.

Lobular hyperplasia with invasive lobular carcinoma stained with p120 + E-cadherin (right)

Lobular hyperplasia with invasive lobular carcinoma stained with p120 + E-cadherin*

Individual Antibodies for Breast


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Cytokeratin 7

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E-cadherin (Mouse)

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Estrogen Receptor (ER) [6F11]

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Estrogen Receptor (ER) [SP1]

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Folate Receptor alpha IHC Assay Kit

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Gross Cystic Disease Fluid Protein-15

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Ki-67 (M)

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p40 (M)

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Phospho-Histone H3

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Progesterone Receptor (PR) [PgR636]

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Progesterone Receptor (PR) [SP2]

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PTEN (Tumor Suppressor)

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Antibody Cocktails for Breast

Estrogen Receptor (ER) [6F11 + SP1]

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Multiplex Antibodies for Breast

CK5/14 + p63 + CK7/18

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D2-40 + CK8/18

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D2-40 + Ki-67

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GCDFP-15 + Mammaglobin

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p120 + E-cadherin

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Supernova Antibodies for Breast

CK5/14, 3X (Breast)

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CK7/18, 3X (Breast)

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E-Cadherin, 2X

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p120 Catenin, 2X

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p63, 3X (Breast)