Biocare Wins Top of the Class 2010 – Histology & Automated Pathology

Biocare Medical is highly honored to accept the “Top of the Class” awards for both Histology and Automated Pathology* for 2010. These awards recognize our commitment to patient care and the highest quality Molecular Pathology and IHC products. Biocare is dedicated to improving patient care by providing products for early and accurate cancer diagnosis and […]

Thank You For Visiting Biocare Medical at NSH 2010!

Biocare Medical would like to thank you for making the 36th Annual National Society of Histotechnology in Seattle, Washington the most successful meeting by far! Over 40% more visitors than last year joined us for an interactive learning experience to find out about the latest IHC and Molecular Pathology technologies, techniques, and products. Over steaming […]

Biocare Medical Releases Multiplex IHC Tests to Differentiate Adenocarcinoma vs. Squamous Cell Carcinoma and Impact Therapeutic Decisions

Biocare’s Multiplex IHC Tests Biocare introduces the Lung Adeno-2™ and Lung Squamous-2™ Multiplex IHC tests which aid in the critical differentiation of NSCLC squamous cell carcinoma vs. adenocarcinoma(1) with 100% specificity for squamous cell carcinoma and 79% sensitivity for adenocarcinoma. This differentiation is a critical component in therapeutic decisions such as the use of VEGF […]

Biocare Medical distribution rights and sampling program for IVD p63 antibody

Biocare Medical, LLC is pleased to announce a sampling program for p63 antibody for clinical and research laboratories. Biocare Medical is currently one of only two companies worldwide with rights to sell p63 antibodies for IVD testing purposes. Both predilute and concentrated antibodies are available. Biocare announced the favorable resolution of a challenge to its […]

Biocare Medical Launches Next Generation Antigen Retrieval Instrument

Biocare Medical is proud to launch the Decloaking Chamber™ Plus. This next generation Decloaking Chamber is optimized for programmable walk-away use. Moreover, the new and improved Decloaking Chamber Plus provides the most comprehensive quality control package, validating that antigen retrieval has occurred properly prior to IHC and ISH procedures. “The combination of complete walk-away and […]

Biocare Medical ranks among the nation's 5000 fastest growing companies

Inc. magazine has ranked Biocare Medical No. 2984 on the 2009 Inc. 5000 list of the fastest-growing private companies in the nation. The company’s sales growth was 93.1% from 2005-2008. “We are thrilled to have achieved this prestigious recognition”, said Roy Paxton Yih, co-founder and CEO of Biocare Medical. “It is exciting to see that […]

Biocare Medical wins "Top of the Class" award for histology & pathology

Biocare Medical is honored to accept the “Top of the Class” awards for both Histology and Pathology for 2008. These awards recognize our commitment to patient care and the highest quality IHC and molecular pathology products. Biocare is dedicated to improving patient care and providing the best IHC and molecular pathology products for early and […]

Biocare Medical launches innovative automated IHC instrumentation

Biocare Medical LLC is proud to present the launch of the new intelliPATH FLX automated slide stainer. This unique instrument is fully open, enabling any test, any time with any reagent. Specifically designed with the clinical diagnostic laboratory in mind, the intelliPATH FLX offers true continuous random access using Multi-Batch Processing (MBP) technology to process […]

p63 intellectual property suit settled in Biocare's favor

Biocare Medical , LLC of Concord, California is pleased to announce favorable resolution of a challenge to its non-exclusive worldwide license for p63 antibodies. The judgment makes Biocare one of only two companies that have rights to “make, use or sell” p63 antibodies, which make use of discoveries made at Harvard College. Following litigation launched […]

Microtiter Plate Platform For HIER

The Biocare Microtiter Plate Platform, is for free floating sections. The Platform holds the microtiter plates away from the source of heat used in HIER, allowing for more even, standardized results. This Platform was developed to support microtiter plates during antigen retrieval within an HIER instrument. Standard microtiter plates holding free floating sections are filled […]

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