Uroplakin III

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Uroplakin III is present in the urothelial surface membrane of human renal pelvis, ureter, bladder and urethra. Uroplakin III [BC17] demonstrated a higher sensitivity compared with [AU1] on urothelial transitional cell carcinomas, in in-house studies. [BC17] staining was negative in all normal and neoplastic tissues except for bladder; hence it is highly specific to uroepithelial tumors and may be a useful tool in the discrimination of bladder, renal and prostate cancers. Loss of Uroplakin III expression in bladder cancers has been associated with higher grade, muscle-invasive cancer and lymphovascular invasion. Uroplakin III [BC17] may be used in a panel of antibodies including GATA3, p63 and S100P. PATENT PENDING.

Intended Use


Species Reactivity



Mouse Monoclonal


BC17, Biocare Clone




Uroplakin III


Membrane and cytoplasmic

Positive Control

Bladder cancer

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