Rabbit-on-Canine AP-Polymer


Biocare’s PromARK™ series introduces Rabbit-on-Canine AP-Polymer Detection. This detection is specially designed for using rabbit antibodies on canine and feline tissues and utilizes biotin-free alkaline phosphatase (AP) polymer technology. The advantages of this polymer technology are increased sensitivity, reduction of IHC steps (no Avidin/Biotin block or Link/Probe), and minimal cross-reactivity to endogenous canine and feline IgG. The Rabbit-on-Canine detection can be used with paraffin-embedded tissues and can be performed manually or on automated staining platforms. The addition of proprietary blockers to the detection reagent permits the use of any of Biocare Medical’s retrieval solutions (Reveal/Borg/Diva) or enzymes with the elimination of endogenous IgG or non-specific background staining. Temperature dependent protocols can be conveniently performed using Biocare’s Decloaking Chamber. The Rabbit-on-Canine AP-Polymer may be combined with the Mouse-on-Canine HRP-Polymer to create a double stain polymer detection that will label the rabbit antibody with AP and the mouse antibody with HRP. Refer to Technical Notes #5 and #6 for additional information.


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