RISH™ Retrieval, 10X

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RISH™ Retrieval is a heat retrieval solution that is compatible with Biocare’s series of RISH™ probes for rapid in situ hybridization. The need for multiple retrieval buffers including EDTA, citrate buffer or high pH Tris buffers is eliminated when the use of RISH™ Retrieval is employed. RISH™ Retrieval can be used with Biocare’s digital electric pressure cooker (Decloaking Chamber™), a steamer, waterbath or microwave oven. When used in combination with RISHzyme™ for in situ hybridization, a synergistic effect on probe accessibility to nucleic acid targets is achieved. RISH™ Retrieval incorporates Assure™ technology, a color-coded high temperature pH indicator solution. The end-user is assured by visual inspection that the solution is at the correct dilution and pH. This product is specially formulated for superior pH stability at high temperature. RISH™ Retrieval is odorless, non-toxic, non-flammable, and sodium azide and thimerosal free.


500 ml


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