intelliPATH™ Ferangi Blue™ Chromogen Kit

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When in the presence of alkaline phosphatase (AP) enzyme, intelliPATH Ferangi Blue produces a permanent, bright royal blue precipitate. intelliPATH Ferangi Blue is specially formulated for use on Biocare’s intelliPATH automated stainer. Typically, intelliPATH Ferangi Blue achieves robust staining intensity in 5-7 minutes. If more intense staining is desired, intelliPATH Ferangi Blue can be extended to 10 minutes, offering users increased flexibility and sensitivity. intelliPATH Ferangi Blue is particularly well-suited for automated multiplex staining applications. intelliPATH Ferangi Blue is partially soluble in xylenes. Slides should be air dried and coverslipped in a xylene substitute permanent mounting medium, such as Biocare’s EcoMount (EM897).


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