Publication: An Emerging Anti-p16 Antibody-BC42 Clone as an Alternative to the Current E6H4 for Use in the Female Genital Tract Pathological Diagnosis: Our Experience and a Review on p16ink4a Functional Significance, Role in Daily-Practice Diagnosis, Prognostic Potential, and Technical Pitfalls

p16 antibody for IHC is well documented for its clinical utility in gynecological pathology, but which clone is best? The Biocare Medical p16 clone BC42 lends greater flexibility to your laboratory reimbursement strategy. In this publication the p16 antibody clone BC42 is compared directly with clone E6H4 for use in the female genital tract to determine a pathological diagnosis.

The conclusion of the paper lent favorable results to the Biocare Medical p16 BC42 Clone:
“The new anti-p16 antibody (BC42 clone) is emerging as an alternative to the current E6H4 for use in cancer pathological diagnosis, offering similar levels of positivity and equally reliable staining results.”

Download the publication below to find out more about the Biocare Medical p16 clone BC42 – and its rise to becoming the top choice for laboratories worldwide.

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