Biocare Medical , LLC of Concord, California is pleased to announce favorable resolution of a challenge to its non-exclusive worldwide license for p63 antibodies. The judgment makes Biocare one of only two companies that have rights to “make, use or sell” p63 antibodies, which make use of discoveries made at Harvard College.

Following litigation launched in 2007 by AsymmetRx, a Connecticut based company, alleging infringement of p63-related patents licensed by AsymmetRx, Biocare’s previous license to p63 was supported by the court. A Summary Judgment was granted on September 29, 2008 by order to the United States District Court for the District of Massachusetts that supports Biocare’s license to “make, use or sell”. On June 27, 2007, AsymmetRx commenced litigation challenging Biocare’s intellectual property license for p63. The patents under dispute were United State patent no. 6,946,256 entitled “Cell Regulatory Genes, encoded Products and Uses Related Thereto” and United States patent 7,030,227 entitled “Cell Regulatory Genes, encoded Products and Uses Related Thereto”.

About Biocare Medical

Biocare Medical LLC is an innovator in developing and supplying world class automated immunohistochemistry instrumentation, and the full range of reagents for IHC lab testing. Biocare is the market leader in simultaneous multiplex stain IHC and antibody development which solves difficult clinical problems and accelerates turnaround time.

Biocare Medical LLC was distinguished as “Top of the Class” for histology in 2005, 2006 and 2008, and for pathology in 2008, based on lab survey results in Advance for Administrators of the Laboratory magazine. The criteria cited included “Great customer service”, “High-quality IHC antibodies and reagents”, and “Products perform exactly as described at an unmatched price and quality”. These awards recognize our commitment to patient care and the highest quality IHC and molecular pathology products.

The company’s customers include clinical histology laboratories, pharmaceutical companies, CROs, and biotechnology companies as well as academic, government, military, and other non-profit laboratories. Biocare Medical offers an expanding portfolio of integrated products to address the rapidly growing cancer and infectious disease diagnostic and research markets using tissue immunostaining and in situ hybridization methods. Biocare medical is headquartered and has manufacturing facilities in Concord, Calif., and has a global distribution network.

Posted By: Biocare Medical On: 10-Dec-2008

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