Multiple Myeloma TRIDENT FISH™

Multiple Myeloma TRIDENT FISH™

Multiple Myeloma TRIDENT FISH™ - Scary Good Results

IgH (14q32) Green/CCND1 (11q13) Orange

IgH (14q32) Green/CCND1 (11q13) Orange

• t(11;14) most common translocation in MM, 15% of patients 1

• Reports suggest association with improved overall survival 1

• Considered essential part of FISH panel per NCCN guidelines 1

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RB1 (13q14.3) Orange

RB1 (13q14.3) Orange

• Marker of hypodiploid MM 2

• Generally associated with high risk t(4;14) 2

• Reports suggest patients may respond to Velcade 3,4

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TP53 (17p13) Orange

TP53 (17p13) Orange

• High risk feature, essential part of NCCN FISH panel 1

• Shortened event free (EFS) and overall survival (OS) 5

• Patients unlikely to respond to Velcade 6

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