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Instrument service management is a critical component when purchasing your equipment. Proper management starts with the correct installation of the equipment and user training, followed by routine preventative maintenance visits. Routine instrument services will increase the longevity of the instrumentation, reduce downtime, waste, and keep your business fully operational. Aligning yourself with a reputable service provider is just as important as the quality of the equipment. Our support of your equipment throughout the product lifecycle is a key component to the success and longevity of your instrument.

The Right Contract for Your Service, Maintenance and Repair Needs
Biocare Offers two forms of service contracts – a service maintenance agreement (SMA) and a preventative maintenance agreement (PM). Whether you work in a clinical diagnostic setting or research lab, we will offer the service contract that is right for you, creating the perfect partnership in keeping your system running consistently with minimal downtime.

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Large instruments

Reliable. Automated. Compact.

The ONCORE™ PRO Automated Slide Staining System now performs fully automated ISH so you can run your FISH probes and CISH probes with full automation and the convenience of a compact bench-top system.

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The ONCORE™ Pro Automated Slide Staining System is a compact and convenient bench-top instrument that can perform both immunohistochemistry (IHC) and in situ hybridization (ISH) procedures on formalin fixed paraffin-embedded (FFPE) tissues. The on-board capabilities include slide baking, deparaffinization, antigen retrieval, and antibody or probe detection for IHC, ISH, and Multiplex IHC applications. The ONCORE Pro’s unique reaction modules enclose slides between a heated platform and a reagent containment chamber. These chambers provide gentle agitation during reagent incubation to maximize staining intensity.


Flexible. Fully Open System. Reliable.

The intelliPATH FLX® is a fully open system, allowing you maximum flexibility to meet your laboratory’s unique needs. This innovative system allows for the use of reagents from any source.

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Using a suite of advanced technologies for increased productivity and turnaround time, the intelliPATH FLX is the intelligent choice for anatomic pathology and research laboratories. It is a fully open system with continuous random access and prioritized STAT capability, delivering maximum flexibility to meet the needs of your laboratory. A suite of high-performance technologies includes simultaneous Multiplex IHC capability, “no touch” liquid level sensing, and simultaneous X and Y movement to help provide the most rapid turnaround time and sheer volume of IHC results available.

Small instruments

heat induced epitome retrieval machine

Decloaking Chamber™ NxGen Antigen Retrieval, Perfected
The Decloaking Chamber NxGen has been designed for heat-induced epitope retrieval (HIER) and ease of use. It has 5 discrete temperature settings ranging between 60ºC and 110ºC with user programmable times. The 110ºC antigen retrieval protocol can be completed from start to finish in under an hour. With a 72 total slide capacity and only minutes of hands-on time per run, the NxGen offers a walk-away capability like fully automated staining instruments. The Decloaking Chamber NxGen also has advanced reporting capabilities. Run data is transferred in real time to the USB drive and transferrable to any user’s computer. The included software will automatically create a chart report, graphing the temperature and pressure readings over time throughout the run. This report is archivable and printable for QC logs. Additional reports include summations of instrument usage, customizable by unit and date range.

IQ Kinetic Slide Stainer™ Manual Staining, Simplified
The IQ Kinetic Slide Stainer offers the flexibility and reliable performance that both clinical and research investigators need for assays today. This open staining platform can be adapted for in situ hybridization (ISH), immunohistochemistry (IHC), Mohs, immunofluorescence, or special stains. The IQ Kinetic Slide Stainer minimizes manual slide handling. Slide racks can be tilted at a 45-degree angle, eliminating individual slide handling, and preventing cross-contamination. The digital programmable Hot Bar™ enables the user to program the temperature up to 95°C. The Orbital Shaker provides smooth agitation action for the reagents on the slides. This combination of heat and agitation allows tissues to be evenly and optimally stained while accelerating enzymatic reactions and increasing probe or antibody binding specificity.

Desert Chamber Pro™ – Rapid Slide Drying
This innovative oven from Biocare Medical is extremely efficient and is specifically designed for rapid drying of slides. The combination of a small footprint, turbo fan, 365-watt element, digital timer, and a digital temperature process controller makes this oven unique compared to conventional drying ovens. The digital temperature process controller automatically calibrates for mass and volume placed inside the oven, keeping the inside temperature constant. The Desert Chamber Pro has a slide capacity of over 750 slides and operates within a temperature range of 25º to 100ºC. For your convenience, five pre-set programs are available to select from and cover most standard drying protocols. The turbo-action drying oven is extremely efficient for bulk drying. Fast and efficient slide drying methods are especially useful for immunohistochemistry, H&E, special stains, and in situ hybridization.

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