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The intelliPATH FLX® is a fully open system, allowing you maximum flexibility to meet your laboratory’s unique needs. This innovative system allows for the use of reagents from any source.

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Preventative Maintenance, Keeping Your Instrument Online 24/7

Preventative maintenance (PM) is a complete review of your intelliPATH FLX instrument, including checking the cold spot calibration and verifying the X, Y & Z movement. It also includes a backup of all files, full cleaning of the slide trays, sinks, tubing, and an inspection and cleaning of all label printers. This preventative maintenance will ensure that your instrument is running optimally and ready for your laboratory’s demands.

New Parts at Every Preventative Maintenance

When your instrument needs a tune-up, we make sure you have new parts for top performance.

  • New Inlet Filters
  • New Tubing
  • New Probe
  • New Check Valves
  • New Silicone Tubing

Preventative Inspections

With each preventative maintenance we check big-ticket items and if necessary, replace based on our instrument experts.

  • Inspect Slide Rack Assemblies
  • Inspect Syringe Pump
  • Inspect All Carboys

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