Rat Detection Kit for Anti-Mouse CD31

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The Rat Detection Kit for Anti-Mouse CD31 has been developed for detection of a rat anti-mouse CD31 primary antibody on mouse tissues. This kit is composed of blockers, digestion enzyme, primary antibody diluent, HRP-Polymer, DAB chromogen and hematoxylin. All reagents supplied with kit are suitable for both manual and automated techniques. The CD31 primary antibody is available separately. Biocare’s Rat-on-Mouse HRP-Polymer Detection is specially designed for using rat monoclonal antibodies on mouse tissues. The kit utilizes a biotin-free horseradish peroxidase (HRP) polymer technology that provides a significant increase in staining sensitivity. Rat primary antibodies are advantageous on mouse tissues because mouse adsorbed anti-rat detection systems display minimum cross-reactivity to endogenous mouse IgG. The Rat HRP-Polymer Detection is comprised of two reagents: a Rat Probe that binds to the rat primary antibody; and an HRP-Polymer that conjugates to the probe. Biocare has developed Rodent Block M for mouse tissues. It is a specially formulated blocking reagent that reduces nonspecific background staining and simultaneously blocks for endogenous mouse IgG. Rodent Block M is applied prior to the primary antibody for 30 minutes.


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