ONCORE Rabbit HRP Detection

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Immunohistochemistry (IHC) permits the visual identification of specific protein antigens in tissues for diagnostic purposes. Following application of the primary antibody, the presence of a target antigen is visualized by the sequential application of an enzyme-antibody conjugate that binds the primary antibody, and a chromogen reagent, to produce a colored reaction product that is visible by light microscopy.

Rabbit HRP Detection is an HRP enzyme-antibody conjugate suitable for the detection of rabbit IgG primary antibodies as part of an IHC staining procedure on the ONCORE Automated Slide Stainer. Rabbit HRP Detection is prepared using a proprietary micropolymer technology that provides a highly sensitive detection system, with minimal background staining. Rabbit HRP Detection does not use biotin or streptavidin, thus avoiding non-specific staining associated with endogenous biotin.

Rabbit HRP Detection is provided ready-to-use and is intended to be applied as defined by the staining protocols on the ONCORE Automated Slide Stainer.

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