EDTA Decloaker, 5X

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EDTA Decloaker is a heat retrieval solution, pH 8.4-8.7. Recommended for use with antibodies with low antigen expression (cyclin D1, CD1a, CD3, CD4, CD8, CD23, bcl-6, CD61, CD79a and TdT). EDTA Decloaker is a potent agent for epitope retrieval and tissues may be 5-10 times more sensitive to immunohistochemical staining. EDTA Decloaker can be used with Biocare’s digital electric pressure cooker (Decloaking Chamber), a steamer, a water bath, or a microwave oven. EDTA Decloaker incorporates Assure™ technology, a color-coded high temperature pH indicator solution. The end-user is assured by visual inspection that the solution is at the correct dilution and pH. This product is specially formulated for superior pH stability at high temperatures and will help prevent the possiblity of losing pH sensitive antigens. EDTA Decloaker is non-toxic, non-flammable, odorless and sodium azide and thimerosal free.

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