Borg Decloaker, RTU

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Borg Decloaker (Borg), with color-coded pH indicator, can be used for traditional heat induced antigen retrieval (following deparaffinization in xylenes), or as part of a two step aqueous procedure for deparaffinization and retrieval, when used in conjunction with Biocare’s Aqua DePar or Hot Rinse and an electric pressure cooker (Decloaking Chamber). In the aqueous deparaffinization and retrieval method, xylenes and alcohols are not needed for deparaffinization, thus saving valuable technician time and reducing costs for reagents and hazardous waste removal. Alternatively, tissues can be deparaffinized in xylenes and hydrated to water, and then placed into the Borg solution for antigen retrieval using the pressure cooker or other heating method.In most cases, antibody titers will increase with Borg, when compared to other heat-retrieval buffers. Borg is specially formulated for superior pH stability at high temperatures, and will help prevent the loss of pH sensitive antigens. Borg incorporates a color-coded, pH indicator technology. The end-user is assured, by visual inspection, that the solution is the correct dilution and pH. When heating the solution, Borg should turn a light purple to gray color. If the color of the solution turns yellow or red, it is an indication that the pH of the solution is incorrect and that staining may be hindered. Borg is non-toxic, non-flammable and odorless. Borg is sodium azide and thimerosal free and can be stored at room temperature.


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