ONCORE Pro X- Specifications


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System Specifications

ONCORE Pro X Automated Slide Staining Platform ONCPRX00001
Slide Capacity 36 slides
Reagent Rack One reagent rack holds a maximum of 40 reagent vials
Antigen Retrieval Temperature Range Room temperature to 103°C; Max 110°C at Sea Level
Multi-Dispensing Syringe Capacity 5mL
Dispense Volume Antibody: 140uL; Reagent: 65 minimum – 400 μl maximum
Carboys & Waste Wash Buffer (2L), Hazardous (4L) and Non-Hazardous Waste (4L)
Unit Control One Instrument Per Computer
Instrument Weight 125lbs (57 kgs)
Instrument Dimensions 36.5 in x 22 in x 24 in / 93 cm x 56 cm x 61 cm (Door Closed)
36.5 in x 36 in x 24 in / 93 cm x 91 cm x 61 cm (Door Open)
Electrical Requirements 120V 110/120V (±10%) 60Hz (±2Hz) 850 watts
220V 220/240V (±10%) 50Hz (±2Hz) 850 watts
Voltage Tolerance 100 to 240 AC
Noise Rating Minimum Operating Noise 47.0 dBA, Maximum Operating Noise 69.6 dBA
Reports Slide Barcode, Patient Information, Staining Runs
LIS HL7 Server Connection and MSSQL Database Connection