According to Fixation on Histology, Biocare Medical’s Dr. Jason Ramos, Ph.D. was awarded one of the top 5 best presentations at NSH 2018. For full details read below!

“NSH’s Symposium/Convention is the largest histology conference in the United States with over 100 workshops, an exhibit hall, and plenty of opportunity to network with fellow histologists. If you’re considering attending, especially if it’s your first time, it might seem overwhelming. Fixation on Histology is here to help!

We’ve got the list of top 5 most popular workshops, at this year’s Convention.

5. Molecular Biology Principles and Techniques for the Histotech (WS#56): Molecular pathology is often a less familiar entity for those accustomed to IHC and proteins. This seminar is intended to provide a comprehensive overview of basic molecular biology to offer a better understanding of the applications and diagnostic relevance of molecular pathology. A review of the scientific principles of molecular biology will be conducted. This will include understanding the transcription and translation processes. Different molecular techniques from PCR to ISH will be covered. The pros and cons of these techniques will be discussed, including which molecular techniques and methods are best suited for diagnostic, screening or treatment assessment purposes. The presentation will also look at the future for molecular pathology, and discuss routes for personalized medicine.”

Molecular Biology Principles and Techniques for the Histotech

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