RISH™ Lambda Light Chain DNA Probe

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Lambda mRNA may be detected in normal and neoplastic B-cells in human lymphoid tissue (1, 3,5,7,8). Studies have shown restriction of either Kappa or Lambda mRNA denotes monoclonality of lymphoid neoplasms and is useful in distinguishing between neoplastic and reactive lymphoid proliferations (4). The in situ hybridization technique offers an important advantage over immunohistochemistry, as it virtually lacks background, and allows a clean and sharp viewing of the histological preparation. Studies have shown it is also useful to differentiate cells that have absorbed immunoglobulins, and are therefore detectable by immunohistochemistry, but in fact do not produce immunoglobulin, as occurs with the Reed-Sternberg cells of Hodgkin’s disease (8).


20 tests at 20 microliters per test


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