Uniplex: Two Distinguishable Antigens in a Single Stain Aiding in Differential Diagnoses of Melanoma

MART-1 + Tyrosinase + SOX10


(L) Metastatic melanoma stained with MART-1 + Tyrosinase (cytoplasmic, positive) and SOX10 (nuclear, positive), (R) Melanoma stained with MART-1 + Tyrosinase (cytoplasmic, negative) and SOX10 (nuclear, positive)

MART-1 + Tyrosinase + SOX10

• Highly sensitive and specific in detecting melanoma, primary and metastatic 1-4

• Cytoplasmic staining pattern (MART-1 and Tyrosinase) and nuclear (SOX10) are easily recognized 2,4

• Stains almost all (~100%) metastatic melanoma in the sentinel lymph nodes 3,4

• Avoids false positives in dendritic interdigitating cells in the sentinel lymph nodes 3,4

• Stains nearly all desmoplastic/spindle cell melanoma (SOX10, 80% – 100%) 2,5

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