Reliable. Automated. Compact.

The ONCORE™ PRO Automated Slide Staining System now performs fully automated ISH so you can run your FISH probes and CISH probes with full automation and the convenience of a compact bench-top system.



Pro Performance For Your Laboratory

  • Fully Automated IHC Staining
  • Compact Footprint
  • Conserve Reagent with 140uL Antibody Dispense Volume
  • High-throughput 36 Slide Capacity
  • Ready-to-Use Multiplex IHC Capability
  • Waste Separation for Reduced Disposal Costs

The in vitro diagnostic (IVD) labeled ONCORE Pro Automated Slide Staining System is a compact powerhouse for any clinical laboratory. ONCORE Pro opens a world of possibilities to perform IHC, ISH, FISH, and CISH in a single compact benchtop platform. The ONCORE Pro processes up to 36 slides in a single run, with the ability to perform independent protocols at each slide position for high-throughput slide processing.

Slide processing is facilitated by unique reaction modules that enclose slides between a heated platform and a novel reagent containment chamber. Reagents are dispensed onto slides through a port attached to each chamber, allowing for minimal reagent usage and waste production. These unique chambers provide gentle agitation to enhance incubation throughout the staining procedure, maximizing staining intensity while minimizing background. The ONCORE Pro also accommodates simultaneous Multiplex IHC, allowing fast and efficient processing of multiple IHC markers on a single slide.

ONCORE Pro fully automates the staining process utilizing advanced online antigen retrieval technology, pre-optimized reagents, and ready to use antibodies to enhance laboratory workflow, increase laboratory efficiency, and reduce hands-on processing time. Solve modern-day challenges facing your laboratory now and in the future with the advanced automation of ONCORE Pro.

Complete Benchtop IHC & ISH Automation

ONCORE Pro expands the possibilities of your laboratory with the capability to perform IHC and ISH (both FISH and CISH) in a single benchtop platform.



The ONCORE Pro Automated Slide Staining System is a compact and convenient bench-top instrument that is capable of performing immunohistochemistry (IHC) and in-situ hybridization (ISH) procedures on formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded (FFPE) tissues. The on-board capabilities include slide baking, deparaffinization, antigen retrieval, and antibody or probe detection for IHC, Multiplex IHC and ISH applications.

  • Fully Automated Online Antigen Retrieval (HIER)
  • Ready to Use Single and Multiplex IHC Staining Protocols
  • Conserve Bench Space with Compact Footprint


ONCORE Pro contains multiple features for added convenience, flexibility, and ease of use. The system’s software interface is intuitive and easy to use, requiring minimal user interaction beginning-to-end. It also utilizes 2-D Matrix labels that can be printed for patient slides, significantly reducing patient identification errors. Independent slide positions allow for unique protocols to be performed on individual slides during a run.

  • Intuitive Software for Ease of Use & Protocol Programming
  • 2-D Matrix Labels Virtually Eliminate Patient ID Errors
  • Waste Separation Reduces Hazardous Waste & Disposal Costs


The ONCORE Pro utilizes unique reaction modules that enclose slides between a heated platform and a reagent containment chamber. These chambers provide gentle agitation during reagent incubation to maximize stain intensity. Reagent vials are identified using RFID technology which stores vital information including name, lot number, expiration date, and the number of tests minimizing user error through real-time tracking of reagent volumes.

  • Kinetic Incubation to Maximize Staining Intensity
  • RFID Reagent Tracking Technology
  • Individual Reagent Chambers Minimize Reagent Use & Evaporation


IHC reagents and antibodies specifically designed for the ONCORE Pro provide exceptional staining quality as well as the ability to use primary antibodies from alternate vendors. The ONCORE Pro antibody menu is built to serve a wide variety of laboratories and tissue types, making it an ideal solution for clinical applications. Multiplex IHC capability and Multiplex detections for the ONCORE Pro conserves patient tissue, reduces slide volume, and can lower labor costs by 50%.

  • Fully Automated Online Antigen Retrieval (HIER)
  • Ready to Use Single and Multiplex IHC Staining Protocols
  • Conserve Bench Space with Compact Footprint


I just want to say thank you for spending the day with us yesterday and helping with our protocol. I cannot tell you how invaluable that is for people just starting out with IHC!!! Also I need to say thank you for your generosity with supplies from your company, it really says a great deal about the quality of your research company and their willingness to support their customers

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