TERC (3q26.2) Red/ 5p15.2 Green/CDKN2A (9p21.3) Orange/CC 7 Aqua

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Cervical cancer is one of the most common cancers affecting women worldwide. The implementation of cytogenetic based screening techniques has greatly reduced the incidence and mortality of cervical cancer in the United States1. Moreover, traditional screening methods such as Pap smears and human papillomavirus (HPV) based testing are utilized to stratify and identify patients with high grade cervical cancer1. Specifically, fluorescence in-situ hybridization based HPV – associated cancer tests are able to identify hallmark cytogenetic abnormalities that are associated with cervical cancer carcinogenesis2. Chromosomal gains at TERC (3q26.2), 5p15.2 and copy control 71,2 are associated with cervical cancer pathogenesis. In addition, the detection of CDKN2A(p16) gene overexpression has proven to be a valuable biomarker in HPV associated diseases2. FISH can be used as a diagnostic tool to detect these specific genetic abnormalities.

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Aqua, Green, Orange, Red