MM Biotinylation Kit

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Mouse monoclonal antibodies can be used for immunohistochemical detection on mouse tissues; however, the biotinylated secondary antibody used for detection of the primary antibody will also bind to the endogenous mouse IgG in the tissue, resulting in background staining from bound-mouse IgG. To circumvent the problem, Biocare has developed the MM Biotinylation Kit. The kit provides all the reagents necessary to biotinylate a primary antibody.

The basic concept of the kit is very simple. The antibody is mixed with a biotinylation reagent for 30 minutes prior to the application of primary antibody. As little as 5 to 10 µL of antibody can be used. Once the complex is formed, a mopping reagent is added and then the biotinylated antibody complex is applied to the tissue specimen. The tissue is then incubated with the strepavidin-peroxidase reagent, and the color reaction is developed by a DAB chromogen substrate.

The system has been specially formulated to eliminate endogenous mouse IgG background staining. Even the most difficult tissues such as lymph, spleen, lung and kidney are virtually background free.

Each Kit Includes:
1. Da Vinci Green (PD900H)
2. Background Sniper (BS966H)
3. Peroxidazed 1 (PX968H)
4. Biotinylation Reagent (MMBR610F)
5. Mopping Reagent (MMMR611F)
6. Streptavidin-HRP Label (HP604H)
7. DAB Chromogen (DB851D)
8. DAB Substrate Buffer (DS854H)
9. CAT Hematoxylin (CATHEH)
10. DAB Sparkle (DS830H)
11. Mixing Vial (VL103)

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