CD15 Cocktail

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CD15 antibody is reported to be present on greater than 90% of granulocytes including neutrophils and eosinophils and to a lesser degree, on monocytes. CD15 has been reported to be expressed in Reed-Sternberg cells of Hodgkin’s disease (of the nodular sclerosis, mixed cellularity and lymphocyte-depleted subtypes) and certain types of epithelial cells. It is generally agreed that the Reed-Sternberg cell variants in lymphocyte-predominant Hodgkin’s disease are not reactive with CD15. The use of two clones in this cocktail may increase the range of epitopes recognized, there by increasing the sensitivity of the CD15 antibody.

Antigen detection in tissues and cells is a multi-step immunohistochemical process. The initial step binds the primary antibody to its specific epitope. A secondary antibody may be applied to bind the primary antibody, followed by an enzyme labeled polymer; or an enzyme labeled polymer may be applied directly to bind the primary antibody. The detection of the bound primary antibody is evidenced by an enzyme-mediated colorimetric reaction.

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Mouse Monoclonal


MMA + BY87






Surface membrane and paranuclear staining

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