Company History

Biocare Medical was founded in the summer of 1997 by Roy Paxton Yih-CEO, Gene Castagnini-CFO, and Dr. David Tacha – Chief Scientific Officer.

Patented Antigen Retrieval (Decloaking) Chamber launched
Mach Series Polymer Detection & Multiplex IHC Antibody line launched
Simultaneous Multiplex IHC technology –patent pending- PIN-4
3000 Decloaking Chambers sold
Rabbit Monoclonal capability
Fluorescent signal amplification with Mach Series Detection launched
intelliPATH FLX™ and SPOT-Light® HER2 CISH launched
19 New Antibodies with 2 New Multiplex IHC products – URO-3 (Bladder) and ADH-5 (Breast)
15 New Antibodies with 4 New Multiplex IHC products: CD4/CD8, GPC3/CK19, TTF1/Napsin A, P63/CK5
RISH – in situ hybridization simplified (MRNA) Launched
ERG Antibody for Prostate in collaboration with CPDR launched
Agreement with Morphotek for Folate Receptor Alpha development
Warp Red™ and Vina Green Chromogens launched
PromARK™ Canine & Farma Detections launched
PulmoPanel™ and Uro-2 Multiplex launched
PAX8 (M) antibody released, accepted for publication
Decloaking Chamber NxGen launched
p120 + E-cadherin, ERG + CK5, ERG + AMACR Multiplex IHC launched
Folate Receptor alpha IHC Assay Kit launched (Morphotek)
Deep Space Black Chromogen launched
p40 polyclonal licensed and released
USDA accredited to distribute an anti-Prion IHC kit and protocol
p63 distribution agreement with Ventana
p40 mouse monoclonal released
Uroplakin II antibody developed and released
Supernova antibody line released
ASI partnership for HiPath Imaging System signed
ONCORE™ Automated Staining System launched
SOX-10 (M) antibody released
PIN-4™ (CK5/14 + p63 + P504S) patent awarded
TBS partnership signed