RISH™ DNA Positive Control Probe

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This digoxigenin-labeled oligonucleotide probe recognizes Alu repetitive sequences present within the mammalian genome (1-2). Specific hybridization of this probe to human Alu in FFPE tissues indicates that the test material contains intact DNA. This probe is to be used as a control when running specific DNA targeting probes. Weak or light staining in a test sample indicates that specifically targeted DNA may be compromised.

The in situ hybridization technique offers an important advantage over immunohistochemistry, as it virtually lacks background, and allows a clean and sharp viewing of the histological preparation.

Intended Use



20 test at 20 microliters per test

1. Lee D, Xiong S, Xiong WC. Methods Mol Biol. 2013; 1018:165-74. 2. Wilkinson DG. Oxford University Press. 1992. ISBN 0 19 963327 4.