p40 (M)

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The mouse monoclonal antibody p40 [BC28] recognizes an epitope unique to the p40 protein and may have applications in cases where p63 has traditionally been used. p63 [4A4] recognizes both the p63 and p40 proteins. As a result, p63 suffers from specificity limitations due to reactivity in a subset of lung adenocarcinomas (ADC). In contrast, p40 is selectively expressed in lung Squamous cell carcinoma (SqCC), offering an opportunity for improved specificity. p40 antibody (M) [BC28] recognizes an epitope unique to p40, which may result in diminished reactivity in lung ADC and increased specificity. Studies have supported routine use of p40 as an alternative for p63. In contrast to the rabbit polyclonal p40, p40 [BC28] does not stain macrophages.

Intended Use


Species Reactivity



Mouse Monoclonal


BC28, Biocare Clone




Amino Acids 5-17 of p40



Positive Control

Lung squamous cell carcinoma

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