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E-Cadherin, 2X is being discontinued. We will continue to offer these products until 06/30/16 or until current inventory is depleted, whichever occurs first. Biocare does offer E-cadherin (RM), catalog numbers ACI3012, API3012 as a substitute.

E-cadherin is a transmembrane glycoprotein that plays a key role in cell-cell adhesion in epithelial tissues (1-2). The adherens junction between epithelial cells is comprised of extracellular domains of E-cadherin from adjacent cells, which interact through a molecular zipper motif. In normal tissues, immunostaining of E-cadherin is localized to the membrane of epithelial cells, consistent with its role in cell adhesion.

In breast lesions, membranous expression of E-cadherin has been associated with ductal neoplasia, consistent with the intact adhesion complexes of this histologic subtype (1-2). In contrast, the loss of E-cadherin is typically observed in the majority of cases of lobular neoplasia; however, studies have shown that up to 20% of cases of lobular neoplasia continue to exhibit E-cadherin immunostaining (1,3-4).

Staining of p120 and E-cadherin has been shown to be complementary and an aid in the accurate categorization of ductal and lobular neoplasms, including the distinction between low-grade ductal/lobular carcinoma in situ and lobular neoplasia (2).

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Positive Control

Normal breast or breast ductal cell carcinoma

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