CK HMW + p63, 2X

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High molecular weight cytokeratins are expressed in a variety of normal and neoplastic epithelial tissues (1). In prostate, CK HMW [34βE12] has been shown to be a useful marker of basal cells of normal glands and prostatic intraepithelial neoplasia (PIN), a precursor lesion to prostatic adenocarcinoma; whereas invasive prostatic adenocarcinoma typically lacks a basal cell layer (2,3).

p63, a homolog of the tumor suppressor p53, has been identified in proliferating basal cells in the epithelial layers of a variety of tissues, including epidermis, cervix, urothelium and prostate (4). p63 was detected in nuclei of the basal epithelium in normal prostate glands; however, it was not expressed in malignant tumors of the prostate (5).

Studies have shown that combinations of CK HMW [34βE12] and p63 may be useful in the evaluation of normal prostate glands, PIN and prostatic adenocarcinoma (6,7). CK HMW + p63, 2X is provided as a concentrated antibody cocktail suitable for the addition of other primary antibodies desired by the user. A 2-fold dilution of CK HMW + p63, 2X is intended to create a ready-to-use antibody cocktail for use on the ONCORE Automated Slide Stainer.

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Concentrate, ONCORE


34BetaE12, 4A4


Mouse Monoclonal


Ig1/kappa, IgG2a/kappa


CKHMW [34BetaE12], p63


Cytoplasmic, Nuclear

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