Thank You for Visiting Biocare Medical at USCAP 2013!

Biocare Medical would like to thank you for making the 102nd Annual United States and Canadian Academy of Pathology in Baltimore, MD a great success! Many attendees took advantage of a great opportunity to learn more about our IHC products from antibodies to instrumentation.

Biocare was proud to be involved in four poster presentations, highlighting some great new & novel antibodies for the breast, bladder and liver. To learn more about Folate Receptor Alpha expression in triple negative breast cancers, Uroplakin II in urothelial carcinomas, E-cadherin rabbit monoclonal in infiltrating ductal carcinomas, or Arginase-1 rabbit monoclonal in hepatocellular carcinomas please visit to download the posters.

I hope that you had a chance to join us for our exhibitor seminar, where we presented on two exciting topics. In lung cancer, small sample size and the need to conserve tissue necessitates the use of marker panels on a single slide. We saw data on how Desmoglein 3 + Cytokeratin 5 + Napsin A and p40 + TTF-1 antibody cocktails are excellent tools for differentiating primary lung adenocarcinomas from squamous cell carcinomas. In addition, we learned that folate receptor alpha (FRA) is frequently expressed in ER/PR negative and triple negative breast cancers. Determining positive FRA expression in breast cancers may identify patients that would benefit from an anti-folate targeted therapy.

We look forward to seeing everybody next year at USCAP 2014 in San Diego, CA!

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