Thank You for Visiting Biocare Medical at NSH 2012!

Biocare Medical would like to thank you for making the 38th Annual National Society of Histotechnology in Vancouver, Canada a great success! Hundreds participated in our inaugural Histolympics, gleaning the chance to learn about immunohistochemistry and having fun at the same time.

After receiving the Biocare Olympic torch, contenders entered into a pentathlon that tested your Histolympic skills! Events included arranging IHC reagents in the proper order, pipetting reagents, loading slides into the intelliPATH™, correctly identifying staining localization and determining proper detection kits. All participants who completed the pentathlon earned a HistoChampion T-Shirt!

Each NSH regions results were tallied, with top honors going to Region IV.

Region Gold Medals Silver Medals Bronze Medals Total Medal Count
Region IV 76 39 5 120
Region IX 56 35 4 95
Region VII 49 22 5 76
Region V 41 22 3 66
Region I 37 26 2 65
Region III 29 22 9 60
Region VIII 38 11 1 50
Region VI 30 15 0 45
Region II 15 13 2 30

Histolympics, Who are the HistoChampions?

Gold Medal – Eunice Park won a 3 day/ 2 night vacation to a U.S. Olympic city
Our individual winners were:
• Gold Medal – Eunice Park won a vacation to any U.S. Olympic city!
• Silver Medal – Luke Zwiefelhofer won an iPad
• Bronze Medal – Won an iPod

Best Scientific Poster by a Vendor Award!

Dr. David Tacha, CSO of Biocare Medical awarded Best Scientific Poster by a Vendor Award!
Dr. Tacha was especially honored to learn that we had earned best vendor with our scientific poster on “An Alcian Blue/PAS combined with TTF-1 and Napsin A Staining Procedure”. A special recognition to Dr. Tacha for the innovative concept of combining two special stains with two IHC antibodies in a single section. Click here for the full poster.

We hope to see everybody next year at NSH 2013 in Providence, RI!

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